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Commercial Architects in Grand Rapids, MI

Modern Architecture for Public and Private Spaces

What we do
Exceptional design connects you with your team and your community. At MMA, we create meaningful spaces for commerce, service, manufacturing, entertainment and play. Regardless of size or complexity, we focus on the relationship of the architecture with its context and with your culture and values for authentic results.


Good architecture elevates lives. Our passion for design extends through the relationship of the whole to the part, from the building mass to the smallest material connection. Our iterative, relational approach to the process centers around what’s meaningful for your organization, your goals, your needs. We drill down to uncover how your project can inspire and exceed expectations.


Interior Design

Interior Design is an integral part of our design process. We envision your project as authentic, cohesive, and integrated, from its relationship to the exterior to the colors and textures within. Our designers take the time to ask the right questions and understand your needs and preferences, to create a space tailored to your vision and values.



Often, good design is not about building something new, but unlocking the potential in what already exists. Our team is skillful in identifying what barriers are present in your existing facility, and how it can be intelligently transformed to fully connect to your team culture. We work with you carefully to find the most effective design solution.



Master planning connects built space with its broader context and potential future. Long term vision long term vision will improve the projects of today.

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What to Expect

We believe that each project draws special opportunity from the building site, your needs, and your values. We pursue iterative, inspiring solutions through an energetic and enjoyable process that result in building designs with integrity.



We believe that achieving excellence in design begins with listening. We deeply value stakeholder engagement and bring decades of experience working with owners, boards, committees, and caring citizens. By designing with, we endeavor to construct environments of collective ownership. We set the stage for the project by becoming intimately familiar with your site, your organizational culture and your vision.


Concept Design

Once we have become intimately familiar with the project site location and your organizational culture and vision, we will begin the concept design. We will establish a strong conceptual framework and then we will test design solutions and iterate with you and your team. Increasingly detailed levels of drawing options will define the project scope and specific design direction.


Construction Documentation

The production of construction drawings and specifications communicates the final design intent of your project. These documents are used for permitting, pricing and construction. We collaborate with you to include all of the necessary pieces, practical and aspirational, to make your project a success.



From the beginning, we work with you to establish a realistic schedule with every phase of your project mapped out in a thoughtful workplan. Feedback is welcome throughout, but we identify specific touchpoints customized to your workflow. Through presentations, workshops, virtual and in-person meetings, we encourage active communication, and invite productive criticism.



We’re with you every step of the way--as you choose a building professional, throughout the construction process, and until your doors open--to ensure your design is fully realized. Recent supply chain obstacles, labor shortages, and volatile pricing have created unprecedented challenges in the market, and it is more important than ever to work collaboratively with a trusted team of professionals to ensure that the integrity of your design intent remains strong until the very end.

Lets Get Started
Contact us to start the conversation for your project. We have a few starter questions to better understand the scope and evaluate if we’re a good fit for each other. If it makes sense to move forward, we will schedule a phone call and subsequent site visit. We can’t wait to see what you have in mind.