Grandville, Michigan201935,000 square feet

Van Dyken Mechanical

Van Dyken Mechanical Building Entry

Van Dyken Mechanical

Grandville, Michigan201935,000 square feet

Home to three sister organizations (VanDyken Mechanical, Grand Valley Automation, and Mechanical Testing Services), the new VanDyken owner / management team identified a need to renovate their existing 35,000 square foot, 70-year-old office and manufacturing building.

Van Dyken Mechanical Entrance

Their goal was to improve employee satisfaction and retention and build a new collaborative culture, while maintaining their unique brands.

The existing building was comprised of closed, interior spaces, which were largely outdated and without access to natural light. The space also lacked physical connections and common spaces from company to company. VanDyken Mechanical challenged our team to transform the space into a modern, high-tech environment within the existing footprint that better represents the forward-thinking, high-quality work that they provide.

To begin, MMA analyzed each company’s daily operations in order to understand areas of connection and commonality between them. From this knowledge, we developed intuitive space plans that allowed each company to work more efficiently, both individually and collectively.

Existing space was recalibrated into common space, permitting improved communication and collaboration, exhibited in new workstation layouts, open community spaces, lounge areas, and technology-rich meeting rooms. Newly installed clerestory windows allow for light to penetrate all parts of the building interior, giving all occupants access to ample natural light.

A bold entry brings a clear focus to the exterior, which is easily identifiable to visitors. The natural exterior materials are carried into the interior, further welcoming guests with a modern, warm, and industrial aesthetic. The main lobby incorporates a minimalistic coffee bar, providing a touch-down area to both guests and employees. Throughout the entire facility, the interior design intentionally and carefully complements the architectural concept.


Jason Keen

VDM Reception Area
vdm reception area
VDM conference
VDM Common Area
vdm common area
VDM hall
vdm hall and office
Van Dyken Mechanical
Van Dyken Mechanical
Van Dyken Mechanical
Van Dyken Mechanical
Van Dyken Mechanical
Van Dyken Mechanical

Van Dyken Mechanical Rendering
Van Dyken Mechanical
Van Dyken Mechanical Interior Rendering
Van Dyken Mechanical Reception Area BEFORE
Van Dyken Mechanical Cafe Rendering
Van Dyken Mechanical Conference Room Rendering
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