Exceptional Modern Design

Truly exceptional spaces start with rigorous and exciting collaboration. We embrace the opportunity to learn from and share our process with design firms from far and wide, who care deeply about positive change. We welcome a conversation to explore how our firms’ capabilities can complement one another.

Muskegon Museum
Why Mathison | Mathison Architects

We are committed to the discovery and execution of authentic ideas. Our practice is nimble and flexible, and in our search for optimal solutions, we seek opportunities to collaborate closely with new partners.

Muskegon Museum
How we can help

A Michigan-Based Architect

We know Michigan, we love Michigan. If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you. Our team has worked throughout the United States, and beyond, and are uniquely suited to collaborate, serving as your in-state partner.


Master Planning

Often, strategies for connecting built space with its broader context and potential future are needed. A phased approach to a multi-year process can help shape immediate projects to achieve the ultimate goals of the Owner.



If you are looking for a rigorous, socially conscious, collaborative, and unique approach to modern design, we are your ideal partner. Our values guide our practice, and define our daily work.


Interior Design

We believe that meaningful spaces are the result of authentic collaboration. Our interior design team invests in our clients and partnerships to fulfill a vision that is cohesive, integrated and honest.

I wholeheartedly recommend MMA to anyone seeking an architectural partner. Their passion for their craft, unwavering dedication to excellence, and ability to bring visions to life make them a truly remarkable firm. Collaborating with them was an absolute pleasure, and I am confident that they will continue to excel in shaping the future of architecture. 
Mathison is an outstanding architectural firm. We always take pride in being a part of their design team. 
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