Grand Rapids, Michigan20222,800 square feet

Heritage Hill Residence

Heritage Hill Kitchen

Heritage Hill Residence

Grand Rapids, Michigan20222,800 square feet

Heritage Hill is a residential neighborhood close to downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The houses date back to 1843 and beautifully exemplify signature styles of American domestic architecture.


Scott Norsworthy

Heritage Hill Exterior

With their children now in college, the Owners purchased their 120-year-old structure to restart an urban lifestyle. They engaged MMA to modernize the organization, finish, and performance of this historic home.

The renovation did not dramatically reorganize the house or include any major structural changes, but carefully modified the layout to allow the individual spaces to speak to the generosity the house already possessed. Simply turning the back staircase ninety degrees unlocked the connection of the couple’s most used spaces, by integrating the bedroom, kitchen, and rear entry.

On the second floor, providing a large opening from the primary bedroom to the newly light-filled stairwell allowed the sleeping quarters to feel part of an architectural atmosphere, instead of a traditionally closed cell.

On the exterior, MMA collaborated with the local preservation commission to provide new window openings that carefully harmonized with the historic façade but contrasted lyrically with the interior architecture.

The final result is an environment that celebrates the detail and grandeur of a 19th century home, but delights in surprising and fluid connections for use and view.

Heritage Hill Staircase
Heritage Hill Sitting Room
Heritage Hill Dining Room
Heritage Hill Bedroom
Heritage Hill Mudroom
Heritage Hill backside