Newton, Massachussetts20203,300 square feet

Waldorf Road

Waldorf Road kitchen

Waldorf Road

Newton, Massachussetts20203,300 square feet

In a historic neighborhood in Newton, Massachusetts, a 110-year-old home sits on a beautiful, oversized lot. Although it originally had a colonial structure, the home had been modified and updated over the years to include multiple styles and a variety of disconnected spaces and details.

waldorf before and after

The challenge was to collaborate with the client and strategically focus on the areas that would have the greatest impact and provide the most architectural cohesion for this young and active family.

The design process centered on unlocking the original integrity and beauty of this historic home. The exterior involved a series of small, thoughtful decisions that brought the whole to life. By recessing the storage enclosure at the entry porch, and setting a rhythm of accordant columns, we framed a new horizontal transitional space, which grounded itself in a welcoming gesture to the street. After close study of the interior requirements, the rear development was a quiet fulfillment of volumetric opportunity. The goal was to accommodate a dramatically transformed kitchen into a complex series of existing roof slopes that resulted in a natural scouting viewpoint over the expanse of urban vegetation. Shifting the home’s color to a lighter palette erased its heaviness, and provided a canvas for a diverse and flourishing array of plantings that carry a sense of interior intimacy throughout the family’s property.


Greg Premru


Marvel Construction

Landscape Architect

Cunningham Landscape Design

Inside, on the main level, the details, colors, and furniture were unified to make the spaces feel connected and consequential. A dark and disconnected original kitchen was transformed into a bright, functional hub of activity in a now sunlit-filled space. Intricate original trim details juxtapose with clean, modern cabinetry in soft blues and crisp, linear white oak. A thoughtful breakfast nook and a spacious island provide areas for an active family to gather throughout the day. Unused corners are now functional spaces for office work, entertainment, and storage. A simple corridor becomes a drop zone for coats, shoes, and supplies. A small powder room is hidden behind a series of seamless doors made to look like an extension of the surrounding walls. Targeted updating on the rest of the main level included floor finishes, additional insulation, architectural details, furniture design, and lighting.

On the second level, specific programmatic updates improved the sense of openness in a home comprised of small rooms and corridors. At the top of the stairs, the space opens up to a new room filled with south light for sitting or doing homework. An upstairs bedroom and shared kids’ bathroom was also updated.

Waldorf Road kitchen shelves detail
Waldorf Breakfast Nook
Waldorf Front view
Waldorf Corner
Waldorf Corner view
Waldorf Kitchen
waldorf kitchen
Waldorf Firepit
waldorf living room
Waldorf Kitchen - before
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waldorf kitchen before
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