Grand Rapids, Michigan20164,600 square feet

Newberry Place

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Newberry Place

Grand Rapids, Michigan20164,600 square feet

This new, three-unit building lot added 45x100 square feet of property to the existing Planned Urban Development (PUD) for Newberry Place Cohousing, the first and only development of its kind in Grand Rapids.

Newberry Place Exterior

This forward-thinking and diverse community wanted to add to its sustainably-focused development and chose to work with MMA to expand in a thoughtful and beautiful way.

The new building includes three stacked units with a shared basement. Two garaged parking spaces occupy the rear of the lot by extending the existing northeast parking area. There is also one parking space in an attached garage off Newberry Street in conformity with the universal design of that unit. All three units have access from the north and south of the site. The first floor unit is universally designed and has two bedrooms. The second floor unit has three bedrooms and is accessible by an ADA ramp from its parking spot. The third floor unit has a single bedroom that takes advantage of high clerestory windows to bring in eastern morning light.


Bill Lindhout


Dykhouse Construction

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