Great Barrington, Massachussetts2009750 square feet350 square feet screened porch

Berkshire Cabin

Berkshire Cabin in the snow

Berkshire Cabin

Great Barrington, Massachussetts2009750 square feet350 square feet screened porch

This modest, 750 square foot cabin nestles into the eastern slope of the Housatonic River Valley in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts.


Used in all seasons, the cabin is conceptualized as a single volume that can be completely open or compartmentalized for sleeping and privacy. The main space, consisting of the kitchen, living, and dining areas, opens up to a screen porch, extending the perceived volume by adding 250 square feet of living area. The porch serves as sitting, dining, and entry spaces, and the sloping roof allows for a sleeping loft above. The two sleeping nooks are in the same overall space as the living area, and are defined by two retractable curtains on stainless steel cables. Transparency and openness strengthen the connection between forest and cabin. Two large front sliders open to the east to capture upslope breezes from the mountainside, while a continuous strip of operable clerestory windows open to the west at the top of the sloped ceiling, providing a natural ventilation effect in the summer, cooling the interior. On days with minimal air movement, three high fans cool the sleeping areas and kitchen. The stained and polished concrete floors are equipped with a radiant heating system, and provide a thermal mass to keep the space warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. The clean detailing, abundant glass and simple form create comfortable and flexible openness.


Nathan Eikelberg

Berkshire Cabin kitchen
Berkshire Cabin kitchen
Berkshire Cabin dining area
Berkshire Cabin sleeping nook
Berkshire Cabin interior
Berkshire Cabin Interior
Berkshire Cabin mountain landscape view
Boston Society of Architects

Honor Award for Design Excellence, Small House, 2010

Dwell Magazine

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