Portage, Michigan20213,200 square feet

Atwater Pond

Atwater Pond kitchen

Atwater Pond

Portage, Michigan20213,200 square feet

Atwater Pond is a 1960’s mid-century renovation that seeks to maintain the true spirit of the original architectural intent.

atwater pond before and after

Formerly, a large central masonry core and 1990’s kitchen renovation blocked all views to the natural beauty of this unique site. Collaborating with the owner, we revealed the true potential of the house by removing the masonry core and reorganizing the kitchen and main living areas. By rotating the kitchen and pulling it away from the garage, we simultaneously reconnected it to the living areas and inserted an efficient mudroom, powder, and laundry that allow this young, active family to better manage the flow of their daily lives.

New windows and doors accentuate the existing architectural expression of the house and enhance the design changes made to the layout. The dark, monotone exterior is quiet and sophisticated, punctuated by a warm, clean and bright interior palette. Clever storage solutions are integrated throughout the home. Mathison | Mathison Architects (MMA) provided full architectural and interior design services for this unique project.


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Geoff Shirley

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Atwater pond interior
atwater pond
atwater pond
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Renovations Category, 2022