Grand Rapids, Michigan20234,000 square feet


TRBL Interior Rendering


Grand Rapids, Michigan20234,000 square feet

TRBL, a digital design agency, was renting a small coworking space in downtown Grand Rapids and wanted to invest in a place of their own. Eyeing the city’s west side, TRBL purchased a 5,000 square foot, two-story brick building in the West Grand Neighborhood.

TRBL Exterior Rendering

The historic building was once part of a vital community hub, but was now used for storage with vacant apartments above and had fallen into disrepair.

MMA was tasked with creating a new, modern space for a young tech firm, while keeping it cohesive with the fabric of the neighborhood. Taking into consideration current workplace needs and what today’s workers desire, TRBL envisioned an employee-first, community-centric workspace, complete with open office space, conference rooms, a kitchen, lounge, executive office, and a retreat room.

During the design process, our team thoughtfully reimagined the existing building’s systems, developing multiple iterations with the owner to create the most interesting and effective office space on the main level and apartment configuration above, intending to salvage the main fabric of the structure. However, during construction, existing water damage and structural issues required the design team to pivot their strategy. As a result, we collaborated with the owner to make design modifications throughout the project, while staying mindful of the budget.

To connect to the existing neighborhood, the brick façade was preserved as well as the cornice at the top of the building and at mid-level, existing window openings, and other datums. Access to natural light was a priority for the owner and ultimately informed much of the spatial planning and design.

With growing foot traffic in the area, TRBL’s new office will make a big impact, both aesthetically and economically, and will add to the recent resurgence in the neighborhood by establishing itself as a new hub of activity while revitalizing a highly visible structure. When complete, the newly renovated building will feel both fresh and familiar, like it has always been part of the neighborhood.


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TRBL Material Palette